Change of View

My life and thoughts have been sliding drastically (I feel).

I have been reading a very influential book and have several more coming up (waiting in line to be read).

It all started with Derek Webb’s new album Mockingbird, an album that has actually changed my life. I listened through until I broke down crying on the floor and prayed that God would very seriously begin to help me/make me give my things/my money away to the poor as a way to share the gospel.

Then I ran across this book:

The beautiful book that has been drastically changing my mind about the world and life and the gospel is The Irresistible Revolution.

Waiting in line to be read are:

Colossians Remixed
Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger
The Politics of Jesus

Of interest right now to me are:
Ministry to the poor
Social Justice
Non-violence (Pacifism)
The New Monasticism


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