Shout Out

I apparently got a shout out on a Bookstore Blog this last week.

I went up and talked with Byron K. Borger (owner of Hearts and Minds Books, the awesomest bkstr I have ever been in. So awesome, I just forgot my vowels.

Name Droppedy-pop-pop
Byron has a blurb on the back of Walsh and Keesmaat’s Colossians Remixed. When I went up to buy another load of books, Krista and I talked with Byron for a long while (bringing our store visit to around 3 hours). What was he holding? Derek Webb’s Mocking Bird. What book did I see coming in the door? Yeah, the Shanester…

So I told him how much Derek Webb’s album had changed my life….

And he (Byron) mentions me this month in his Book/Music Review, down at the end of the Derek Webb Section. I think Byron’s Shane summary/critique is good too.

Rark On…


p.s. oh yeah, while the links for books here is on Amazon, I would suggest you buy from hearts and minds…


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