My Father’s Cancer

We are in Texas now at Easter break, and we are dealing with hard stuff.

My father had CAT and PET scans done last Friday (April 7).

This Monday (Apr 10) he had a portocath put in (an under the skin device that allows chemo injections to go directly into his vena cava.

When they did the surgery they found a lot of fluid in his lungs; immediately they admitted him. They began to drain one side of his lungs and got 1.5 liters of fluid (I like to think of that as 4 1/2 Coke cans worth) – and that was just from one side.

He had a brain scan yesterday too.

The oncologist spoke with us and explained that since his colon cancer surgery (a month ago), the tumors in his Lymph system have been aggressive in surprising strength. They are immediately trying to begin his chemo, but his kidneys are not working properly right now, possibly due to the chemicals used for his scans. His kidneys have to go back to helping or else they will have to put in stints or put him on temporary dialysis.

The chemo will also be aggressive and will possibly damage his kidneys further; it is a known risk.

Please stop right now long enough to at least read these short prayers to God:

1- that Don’s Kidneys will be restored
2- that his chemo will work aggressively without damaging his kidneys
3- that he has proper rest and nutrition
4- that he survives this cancer

Thanks for your time, love and prayers.

(1 pm, Wednesday, April 12)


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