Help me think this out…

Dear Fellow Blogger,

Since I don’t know you, I truly desire not to argue (I appreciate your discussion happily), but I am not up to the emotional tax of a sustained debate right now.

Here’s why:

I just had to discipline students for drawing racist pictures of burning down houses of Mexicans on my dry-erase board. Students in my school have dressed up as KKK members whipping a Mexican for halloween this year, and others have refered to Africans as “wild dogs.”

This is disappointing behaviour for a Christian school populace.

To top off my emotional weakness, my father is deathly ill….

I am sure you love foreigners – your Christianity seems vital (I checked your blog). I am thankful for your comments and engagement. I included a sarcastic blog because, I guess because that is what blogs are like. Actually, I apologize for my sarcasm.

But, honestly, I don’t know the answer to the immigration question. But I just don’t think that languages people speak (beyond the ability to function in official documents) is the government’s business, either for restricting or for enforcing. I ALSO think it is basically natural and unburdensome for our Government functionary system (documents, phone systems…etc) to function availably in Spanish as well as in English. Because we have ALWAYS have a large populace of Spanish speakers, and have ALWAYS been a multi lingual culture, (including starting a country wherein many spoke little to no Enlglish – CITIZENS from Europe [the Dutch, the French, the Spaniards]) and people who SHOULD have been Citizens (those kidnapped from Africa)…to start the sentece over: Because we have always had serveral or many tongues, and no national enforcement, or requirement of English, then it makes sense to AT LEAST keep giving some preference to the people who have developed into our largest pocket of Non-English Speaking, the 12-13% spanish-speaking.

If we say, “that is not OUR language,” then we have defined “us” as “English Speakers.” If we define “our” language as the primary one of our citizens, then, “us” begins to include Hispanophones.

My basic question about the whole legality of immigrant status question is this:

How do we, as Christian thinkers, you and I, determine what is a good and godly policy for allowing in or prohibiting new national citizens?

What do you think?



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