Some things I’ve learned

I have definitely been through the testing of my faith lately with the death of my father.

The funny thing is doubts about God tend to come when we are feeling little struggle. For a true beleiver, there is actually a deep comfort that cannot be known except in the darkest of times. When I watched my father deteriorate and endure great pain, I was comforted that his faith did not waver. Comforted that mine did not.

James tells us to count it as a joyful thing when we go through these miseries. Because, the result of pushing our faith through fire, is a confidence that shows up in the midst of endurace. This confidence is not easily felt without a backdrop of pain.

I do now understand that it can be “worth it” to go through such junk. The result is definitely valuable.



2 Responses to Some things I’ve learned

  1. spam_price says:

    I know losing a loved one is very difficult and your strength is Christ is a testament to the working of the Holy Spirit within your life. I’m sorry for the loss of your father, but rejoice in the purification and endurance of your faith.

  2. Axaday says:

    As I tried to follow all of this from a distance, I was always encouraged to remember that I needn’t “pray the Lord his soul to keep”. I only met Luke’s dad a few times, but through Luke’s testimony on his behalf, I am completely confident that Jesus had his place ready.

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