Sugar And Spice

We found out Thursday that our new baby is a girl. So, henceforth, she shall be referred to as our 2nd daughter and not just as “it,” or “the baby.”

We are close, but not ready for the annunciation of a name…

I don’t know if I ever put this on here before, but here is a link to pictures of Anastasia’s baptism.



4 Responses to Sugar And Spice

  1. Jonathan says:


    P.S.> You can get the baby ticker in pink if you want. Just follow the link and make the appropriate selection.

  2. Casey says:

    You should name her “Beata Maria Welch” and call her “bee.” That settles it. or B.M. Welch

  3. Josh says:

    you should have a contest on your blog and let your site visitors name your new baby…

  4. Axaday says:

    The name Anna Ruth has been taken by Todd. But I can still recommend Demona Gracie.

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