Up Lately


Anastasia at 16 months with a onesie-hat.

We are at 6 weeks 6 days to due date for Evangeline.

I can’t stress enough how good Peter Enns’ Inspiration and Incarnation is. I need to update my current reading list. But I am working like a fiend when I am at work, so I have allowed myself about a 5 minute break here.

Teaching kids is a “fiend” kind of job right?

A good friend of mine is about to start RCIA classes, so I intend to probe his brain about the Roman handling of sin/grace – Augustine doesn’t help me a lot. Calvin seems best as of yet. But, I am excited to hear more detailed help on the historic question of the Western (pre-reformation) Tradition on sin.

I am preaching on 2006 September Sunday 17.



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