Emerging Reflection

Please read Scot McKnight’s article Five Streams of the Emerging Church for Christianity Today, then continue.

This excellent article articulates exactly many things I have thought, and indeed experienced, in the last two or three years.

*I have been drawn toward


-positive in its expectation of God’s continued activity

-negative in its skepticism toward historic christianity.

when I noticed this, I

*began to feel a positive draw toward liturgy which in turn drew me toward


-positive in its push for more historic Christianity

-negative in its enforcement of non-biblical theology

*Simultaneously feeling drawn from inactivity toward


-positive in finally recognizing a “ACT” command in the gospel call
-positive in seeing the communal aspect of the faith
-positive in feeling closer to Jesus as a displayer of the faith
-positive in its questioning of unfettered violence

-negative in its draw towared unchecked inclusivism and absolute pacifism

-like the draw to being a democrat without criticizing abortion or total tolerance
-like the denial of governmental righteousness of policing or criminal justice, or the strong country helping the weak
-like the feeling that if God were godly enough he would be a universalist

*What in the end feels the most like the answer is reexamination of the actual


I don’t say this snydely to anyone but myself.

I think it is important to recognize an

–absolute defined gospel (ONLY JESUS is King, he is raised, he is reigning, he is God) for an
–indiscriminant audience (the worst sinner is called) without an abandonment of the
–covenantal structure of Government and Justice driven by the
–creational pull toward peace and generosity and grace

I am sure I have more to say, but enough for now.



2 Responses to Emerging Reflection

  1. Joel says:

    I think a ton of us are feeling the same way, which hopefully is moving us all in a positive direction. Joel W

  2. Leslie says:

    Our preacher has written several things concerning the Emergent Church. Check out the website http://www.svchapel.org/Resources/Articles/index.asp

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