Need New Career

It’s become obvious that I can’t live, supporting my family on my income. We haven’t started eating our shoes yet. But being single income with two children under two is not working out on private Christian school pay.

I went onto a website that asks for net pay and what your expenses are, it told me there wer NO cities I could live in.

I found out the average teacher pay in the lowest paying state is still about 4000 more than I make (fig from 2004).

So…. what could I do…. Maybe I could give lectures on incompetence. I think I might be an expert.

Krista was musing that we had a photo from Easter: we are nicely dressed, we have a nice looking child, we look happy (not that we’re not), we both are partially finished with Master level degrees.

And we are about (at least) $15,000 dollars a year short of affording housing in our area – if we weren’t buying groceries.

How do normal people get jobs? Oh, right, they don’t major in French.



4 Responses to Need New Career

  1. B. Heath says:

    What happened to the preisthood?

  2. saintluke says:

    Well, it hasn’t disappeared. But, since I have no immediate job offers, and must support my family in the mean time, and since I can’t support my family on my current job, and since getting a new job also not in my projected field but one which will support us will probably require some more training or something, … I feel stuck.

    I am trained for at least two fields… teaching and church. One isn’t available, the other isn’t viable.

    I know this is a rather public arena for a petty-feeling complaint, but since I feel up such a creek, I thought someone would have a magic solution.

    I could win American Idol, or the Biggest Looser….that would take care of the money problem.


  3. Axaday says:

    Most people just run up some credit cards, but I don’t recommend that path.

  4. paulbenschoter says:

    I’ve been looking for a bodyguard, so maybe you could do that on the side…

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