Serious Question of Morality

I heard most of this article on the radio, and was very moved. I think these feelings were stronger in me in the past, but now need a revival. I find myself desiring to side with entertainment that is convenient for me, instead of what is both edifying for me and moral to be produced.

There is a difference between the portayal of “murder” which, while muder is wrong, the “acting” of it is not real, and the portayal of immorality, which is both wrong theoretically, and when people pretend to be engaging in immorality. Hear what I am saying, naked people are ACTUALLY naked on camera and they are doing it because WE pay them.

Please read the article, pray about it and respond. I would love to hear some feed back about this.

Live or Online: It’s Still Voyeurism



One Response to Serious Question of Morality

  1. Joel says:

    Yep. I think reformed folks struggle because we have the doctrine of ‘liberty of conscience’ which becomes license. But we boast of it against Baptist legalists and the like. There must be a middle ground.

    Joel W

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