New Reading

I have decided that I want to start reading the monster project:

The New Testament and the People of God Vol. 1 of the “Christian Origins and the Question of God” series by Saint Nicholas Saint Thomas Wright

We’ll see how far I get.

I am also reading Systematic Theology by Saint Louis Berkhof. I am up to about page 80. Again, I will see how far I get, but I am making up for reading I should have done in a Seminary class. I already talked to the Prof. I need to do penance though.

My current novel is the Dante Club by Matthew Pearl. It is AWESOME.



One Response to New Reading

  1. Brian says:

    Louis Berkhof? Well, look at the brightside: if you have trouble sleeping before, you’ll definately be cured now! 😉

    I’ve paused my reading of Wright’s vol. 1 for now. Actually I paused some time ago. We now have all of my books boxed up to prepare for our move. I kept out several books that match my reading plan: to keep wrestling with the Church fathers, start wrestling with Karl Barth, and to immerse myself in the Bible.

    Hope all is well, Luke. Take care.

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