CAUEAT:: I don’t feel as cynical as the following makes me sound; I think the points are valid.

Casey and I have been talking a lot lately about Modernism/Postmodernism and Generations: Builders/Boomers/Xers/Millenials.

Some things that Postmoderns (PoMos) long for are “Authenticity,” and “Community.”

Here is a funny line of what has happened with the desire for authenticity.

Christians should be “authentic” in their external lives
>>Enter the Jesus Movement
>> Music should include Christianity
>> Books should include Christianity
>> people should witness at work and invite people to Christian events.

The result:


A glut of “christian” events, books, music, shows, videos… all helping us be christian.


Christian events start looking like capitalism.


Christian events should be authentic and “come back to the heart of worship”…

>> Christian concerts start including a 3 song “worship segment”
>> “Worship” cd’s start selling like hotcakes
>> Church isn’t about feeling good about ourselves, it is about Giving to God
>>>>through lot’s of WORSHIP “genre” songs in which we feel good about ourselves.


EVERY FREAKIN’ THING OUT THERE is a ministry AND A worship experience.


Christians should be authentic about where ministry and worship happens: AT CHURCH.

>>Church becomes more important for PoMos than for Boomers
>>Church is about connection to the ancient
>>Church is about realness of Christ and History
>>Christ becomes Jesus and Theology becomes Story
>>Unity in bare orthodoxy becomes more important than party lines
>>For many the question of whether their “non-denom” church is “lawfully in the line of the ordained pastorate of history” becomes important… drift back into catholicism.

I think some comments for or against my rant are warranted. REMEMBER (I am NOT really this CYNICAL).


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