I have been teaching Romans in 8th grade NT.

I feel like I am getting it like never before. And like, once again, N.T. Wright is on it like a hornet.

I’m going to include here some very vague and malformed personal notes from my thought process.


The Jews believed that God was bound to saving them from their burden, and that he would do so through the (King) son of David.

The belief could be stated this way: The King will save Israel from the Gentiles.

Why did Jews expect be saved?
—They were the “right” people, God’s people.

How could they tell?
—They had the signs of God’s covenant:
———-Possession of Torah (the “have” the law)

So they expected that when the King came the rescue would include the destruction of the Gentiles.

But Paul says:
The King, Jesus, will save Israel and Gentiles.

How can God save Gentiles if they are the problem?
—#1 Problem: you believe the lines of right and wrong are marked out by Jewish/Non-Jewish, but they are actually marked out by faith(fullness)/idolatry.

Yes, but the Gentiles are the Idolators!!
—#2 Problem: You are too. So if you call for God to save you, you will call for God to Judge them for idolatry, if you call for God to judge them, he will also have to judge you. You have always relied on his mercy to save you from sin. If he will be merciful, then you must accept his mercy on the Gentiles.

Then how can he save anyone, is God justifying sin?
No he did it by condemning sin in Jesus.



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