Who can save my souooogle?

16 tons and what do you get?

Blogger is part of Google
I have a personalized Google home search page too.
I have started using Google calendars. (Pretty fruitin’ awesome)

Google maps…I can see my backyard from a satelite.

In fact, when I get a reminder in my gmail to tell me an event is happening next week, I can click it to go to my calendar, which has a reminder of where the event is, which if I click I will get a satelite map and driving directions, and I can print my calendar, map and every other part of my soul on pdf.

I just upgraded my Firefox so I could look at Zillow better. And I plan to start Google dockin’ it.

Oh, I started storing public and invitation-only photos on a picasaweb site (works with Google through iPhoto – Apple ate the other half of my soul).

If I ever need to find myself, I will just check online.


One Response to Who can save my souooogle?

  1. Joel says:

    Do you use Google Docs and Spreadsheets? It’s the bomb. You can work on your docs from any PC in the world.

    – Joel

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