Conor Oberst

I am just starting to hear the music of Bright Eyes (Conor Oberst and Band), but I think there is intense talent there. Here are some interesting thoughts on atheism…

Link to the following quote:

M: What’s your religious background?

CO: I was brought up Catholic. I even went to a Jesuit, all-boys prep school, but my parents were always extremely liberal. As soon as I could make an argument for not going to church that went beyond “I wanna sleep in,” they accepted that.

M: You haven’t shied away from addressing conflicted feelings about religion in your music. Where do you stand now?

CO: These ideas of God and afterlife and sin seem very abstract, but they’re part of how I grew up, so inevitably they affect the way I think. I went through a period of intense atheism, but now I find myself going back and forth between feeling like there are things at work besides biology, and feeling like it’s complete nonsense. I know that if you put forth positive energy, it often returns to you. I suppose that’s some form of spirituality, however vague it is. It’s also hard to explain why things like love and music exist, things that seem contradictory to your bodily needs, like eating. When you fall in love, you don’t wanna eat – why is that? Shouldn’t you always wanna eat if you’re just a little mammal?


Here is a good video, crazy lyrics though, not sure what they mean.


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