Parable Movies

Modern Parable

Modern Parable is a project of someone I used to work for and with in France.

Modern Parable

Here is what the site says of itself:


Modern Parables 1 is an original Bible study curriculum designed for people who like movies. It is the first in a planned series of film-driven studies on the parables.The 12-lesson study combines cinema and theology in short dramatic films that exegete (or explain) Jesus’ parables. In other words, just watching the films helps teach the historical, grammatical, contextual and interpretive elements in the parables.

Modern Parables 1 lets people grasp the parables at an immediate, gut level. This emotional immediacy enables them to engage the Bible in a powerful and compelling new way.


I seriously encourage not only visiting the site, but also thinking about using the resources for groups or church.


2 Responses to Parable Movies

  1. Daniel Mitchell says:

    Wow Luke, that looks amazingly good. I teach a youth/college-age Life Group at my church, and I wish I had a bit larger budget to invest in this. I just watched the two sample lessons, and I was impressed by the fact that nothing is watered down. Too many times the videos that are presented for church work are so incredibly shallow. (See Lucado’s “3:16” to get an idea of what I mean).

    I will put this on my mental “wish list” for possible future purchase.

  2. Thomas says:

    Daniel – I’m the friend that Luke used to work with who is also behind Modern Parables. On a personal note, I hired Luke with 11 others to teach at a school in France and I think as a 21-year-old new graduate he was smarter and knew more about everything than the rest of us combined. I read your comment about budgets and wanted to let you know that, although we don’t publicize it at the moment, we have a special program for people in the ministry with smaller budgets to help them purchase Modern Parables at a price they can afford. Send me an email at and tell me more about what you do, how much you can afford for the product, and we’ll see where that takes us.

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