Late Night Blog Depression

I have spent a long time reading the comments after Reggie Kidd’s blog, (the one I mentioned in my last post). I just learned about pingback- and sure enough, comment no. 104, is mine – autoposted through pingback.

Back to what I was saying-

I have spent a long time reading the comments on Reggie Kidd’s blog, both after his complaint about the assembly and kind apology for harsh language in it. I am VERY ENCOURAGED at the graciousness and humility in the second post; as much as I am VERY GLAD he spoke up for his view of the situation in the first. I am so baffled that people don’t know that WRIGHT isn’t redefining the DOCTRINE of justification, he is saying that the word “justification” usually means something else. He still sees 1) NO MERIT for the sinner saved, 2) INDIVIDUAL ELECTION LEADING TO EFFECTUAL CALLING OF THE ONE TO BE REGENERATED BY THE SPIRIT THROUGH THE GIFT OF FAITH. I have personally heard Bishop Tom on several occasions CLEARLY repudiate the claims against him made by the majority. They haven’t really read HIM, they have read someone misunderstand him. –As far as Presbyterian theology goes, the biggest difference he has is that he doesn’t follow the Meredith Kline view of the covenants, but good standing Presbyterians have often taken other views.

These are some of the main reasons I didn’t stay in the PCA. I love the people of the PCA, but I wouldn’t have been ordained there, and I declared to my wife that this was coming 4 years ago. I sat in class at Covenant Seminary, and thought to myself, man, this will be the thing that tears us up.

I became an Anglican due much to the desire for freedom to think outloud (within credal orthoxy) and not fear being slaughtered for it.


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