Has My Hero Spoken?

The following I originally wrote to a group I read:

Has Tom Wright spoken about the American Anglican church recently?

Last year during the Episcopal Church’s annual convention Bishop
Wright sent an 11th hour appeal to them pleading/warning them not to
go the route that their draft statement had gone, ignoring the Windsor

Many got upset that he stuck his nose in and spoke so firmly to people
not in his church, wondering what gave him the right to speak at all.
It was pointed out, maybe by him, that he was one of the principal
authors of the Windsor Commission report.

This weeks final declarations from TEC’s House of Bishops’ meeting in
New Orleans were met with great praise by the New York Times, and with
some hopeful positiveness by Integrity, a major LGBT group involved
with the Episcopal church. The NYTimes seemed to say that the
Liberals had won the day by doing enough that the conservatives would
just have to concede that TEC had done enough to comply and could not
be punished, while leaving the door open for greater work for
homosexual activism in changing theology and practice in the future.

Actually TEC didn’t comply with Windsor at all, 1) didn’t repent, 2)
didn’t put an actual MORATORIUM on ordination or blessings, but will
restrain themselves UNTIL the rest of the world comes to see things
their way, and actually did push forward with talk of reversing the
withholding of an invitation for Gene Robinson to Lambeth 2008.

Kenya has rejected the document. Nigeria has rejected. Common Cause
(51 conservative Bishops operating in America who are meeting
currently in Pittsburgh) are all in agreement that the HOB failed to
meet requirements, and that a unified conservative Anglican response
is needed as the Anglican communion realigns over the coming months.

2/3 of the world’s 53 million Anglicans are in countries of
conservative leadership (including the move this week to elect a
conservative in the province of Southern Africa who is expected to
align with the rest of Africa now).

Clergy in England are this week becoming more vociferous about the
evil of the immorality in the Church of England and about how there
needs to be cleansing, and there will be a break in the CofE.


Luke Welch


One Response to Has My Hero Spoken?

  1. wessexcathedral says:

    He’s terrible on this issue. He’s friends with Rowan and seems to talk the same line about how African bishops shouldn’t be messing around in America.

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