At Home and Abroad – the Fight Grows

There are 3 articles I saw that I wanted to bring to view:

1) The CHUCH OF ENGLAND is splitting too. [source]

2) TEC (American Episcopals) are PUSHING STILL ONWARD with the same agenda – even after trying to make it sound like they weren’t going further, in their house of  bishops’ meeting last week.

Presiding Bishop of TEC, Katherine Jefferts-Schori said,

“The pastor’s job as shepherd is to mind the whole flock,” Jefferts Schori said, referring to a biblical parable of a shepherd who goes searching for one lost sheep. “I am continually, prayerfully reminded of those who are wandering off. The job of the church is to reach ever wider to include the whole.” [source] (italics mine)

Also in the same article:

Jefferts Schori is skeptical of the fate of any breakaway churches or diocese, saying Duncan’s efforts would be the latest in a line of splinter groups that failed.

“There’s such a long history of splitting that it would be a sign of the Spirit’s movement if he were able to gather them into a coherent whole,” she said.

3) Other countries make their liberal stance clear:

Apparently Mexico and Scotland may be calling for ACTION – action TOWARDS more inclusive theology (not calling homosexuality a sin). [source]


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