Que Sera, Sera

Whatever will be, will be. (Read the BBC article of the new proof against emotional healing).

Optimism has no bearing on cancer. You can’t will your way out. The “Secret” is false. God is sovereign. We can stop feeling guilty or angry about when someone we love didn’t “want to live” enough to beat the cancer emotionally. Sometimes, people just die.

On a side note, God says no to prayer sometimes too. But apparently, prayer is more important than feeling good.

It’s up to God to heal cancer, we just can’t muster the magic.

Now, on the other hand – going to the doctor MAY actually help you. My father postponed going to the doctor for a bajillion years, until he could no longer deny that there was something seriously wrong. His stubbornness about medical help was a big mistake. But, it does help me to know that he couldn’t have dreamed his way out of the cancer at the end.


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