Books of the Bible (TNIV)


 This re-FORMATTING of the BIBLE may be very helpful for people.

Some endorsements:

Scot McKnight, Gordon Fee, Tremper Longman III

Some about BOTB:

  • chapter and verse numbers are removed from the text (a chapter-and-verse range is at the bottom of each page)
  • individual books are presented with the literary divisions that their authors have indicated
  • footnotes, section headings and other supplementary materials have been removed from the text (translators’ notes are available at the back of each book)
  • the books of the Bible have been placed in an order that provides more help in understanding, based on literary genre, historical circumstance and theological tradition
  • single books that later translations or tradition divided
    into two or more books are made whole again
    (example: Luke-Acts)
  • single-column setting that clearly and naturally presents the
    literary forms of the Bible’s books


I was referred to this by Brian Davis [ ]

I, like Brian, also usually prefer the ESV (English Standard Version


2 Responses to Books of the Bible (TNIV)

  1. Brian says:

    I just received my copy the other day. It was only $8, I think. I plan on reading through the entire Bible with it, using one of their downloadable PDF reading plans they have on their site.

  2. Daniel Mitchell says:

    Drat. I misread what you said. I thought you were saying that it was also available in the ESV, and now I see that you were actually bemoaning the fact that it is not.

    I was excited about this, but the TNIV is pretty low on my list of versions. I’m not sure, but I might still get a copy.

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