Monotheism – [New Category – Anastasia’s Wisdom]

Anastasia’s Wisdom [2]
The following from in the car on the way back from Starbucks: the Bold and Indented is Anastasia, mine is in light print.




God is a man.

Actually, Anastasia, Jesus is a man, but God is three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Can you say “three persons?”

Three persons.

We call that them the “Holy Trinity.”

“Holy Trinity.”

He is three persons but only one God.



One Response to Monotheism – [New Category – Anastasia’s Wisdom]

  1. Daniel Mitchell says:

    Ok, I could say something clever about “out of the mouths of infants”, but I’d rather comment on the fact that I’m missing getting to see my cousin’s kids get so big!!! Can’t wait until the next time you guys get a chance to come here.

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