Depravity and Scapegoat Atonement – [Anastasia’s Wisdom]

ahw-law-nov-07.jpgThe following is a conversation of Krista and Anastasia in the car (indented and bold is Anastasia).

Mommy, you’re a chubby mommy.

Do you know what chubby means Anastasia? It means kind of fat. [Note here: Krista is NOT chubby.]


Anastasia, do you think Evangeline is a chubby baby?


Are you a chubby Girl?

No…I’m a chubby baby. [Note here: Anastasia is NOT a baby -2.5 years]

(a long pause)

Daddy is a sinner…

Yes Anastasia – everybody is a sinner. Listen Anastasia, this man on the radio just said that God takes away our sin.

That’s right, God Takes away our sinner.


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