Do Justice, Love Coffee, and Walk Humbly with Your God.

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Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee was started by an AMiA Priest out of Atlanta. Land of a Thousand Hills gives its growers  a much higher return than “normal” companies: major coffee cartels.

“Our brothers and sisters in developing countries have mastered the art of growing coffee beans in order to earn a proper wage and master their life’s work. This builds pride from working together and in turn builds community. Prior to Land of a Thousand Hills and other PEARL partners, growers in Rwanda were receiving as little as 40 cents per pound of coffee harvested. It takes 60 cents per pound simply to grow and harvest the coffee. Today the growers receive upwards of $1.86 per pound. The coffee growers are able to provide for their families and send their children to school. Buying this coffee is not charity but rather justice. As the prophet Micah says, the Lord requires of us to treat each other justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with our God.” -from LOTH site.

Reconciliation takes recognizing others’ giftedness and working together. In a real sense it means realizing our need for one another. In the coffee fields of Rwanda, the coffee wash stations, the market places and the churches, reconciliation is happening. Twas, Hutus and Tutsis who were once killing one another are now working together. They are learning of the forgiveness of Christ and forgiving one another. This is all as they work together towards a common goal, a goal of rebuilding their lives, their livelihoods and their country. You too can join in this reconciliation and perhaps the reconciliation in your own life by simply drinking coffee. As you sip this excellent roast, say a prayer for the Rwandans and ask God to help you be at peace with your enemies as well. Drink Coffee. Do Good! – from the LOTH site.


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