Songbird – Neil Finn – Foy Vance

I have been playing with Songbird (Mozilla’s Mozilla based free open source challenge to iTunes.)

It’s impressive.



Neil FinnI’ve been hanging out on a playlist online that came up when I searched out “Neil Finn” (a dude I ran over in Pandora several times) He has a pleasing voice up the alley of John Lennon. Very interesting songs 7 Worlds Collide – some good covers: Billy Jean, and Don’t Dream It’s Over.

OH NO- turns up he was the lead singer of Crowded House, and several of the songs I heard on the Neil Finn list weren’t covers after all: par example – Four Seasons in One Day and Don’t Dream It’s Over are actually Neil Finn’s songs from Crowded House.

Regardless, I still like him. Maybe moreso now I know he’s been around forever.


Foy VanceBack to Song Bird,

I intend hang around with a little Foy Vance next.

—Hey, Todd McMillan, are you reading my blog?


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