Heroes Living and Dead

HereosI have been working on my heroes page (click the label –>).   These are people who encourage me to be who God made me to be. …to be passionate about life, or about the bible or about goodness and justice.

Here are the entries I have written as of yet:

William Wilberforce – Abolitionist, Politician
The Rt Revd NT Wright – Bishop of Durham, Theologian, Professor, Author
Jamie Soles – Musician, Music Minister, Theologian
Eduardo Verástegui – Actor
Dr. Jack Collins
– Professor, Theologian, Author

One of them I know, one I have met and bought pizza and wine for (in Rome), one is dead, and the other two are foreign North-Americans (one from Mexico, the other from Canada). THREE of them are connected to infant communion.

I am sure more entries are coming – like, whoever was the person who invented coffee? And what is the name of that guy who invented Mexican food? When I find out, I will give those guys a medal, and then put them on my heroes page.



One Response to Heroes Living and Dead

  1. Jonathan B says:

    Thank you for the suggestion of Jamie Soles’ music. I haven’t had a chance to order any of it yet, but will soon. I actually remembered that I had heard an interview with him on the St Anne’s Pub issue on Fatherhood. I really liked him and meant to track his stuff down, but forgot. Thanks for reminding me.


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