Loosing My Wisdom

Wisdom, thou art loosed!

I had two eye-teeth out yesterday.  They have (the former residences of the teeth) continued to do some small bleeding, sometimes, lots of bleeding.  I don’t think this is good.  I am praying desperately not to get an abscess.  I am not allowed to create a vacuum in my mouth, so- no straws and no spitting.

Please pray for me, if you remember.

I’m also really hungry.


5 Responses to Loosing My Wisdom

  1. cbgrace says:

    Bless your heart…sounds like a forced fast. Maybe read Isaiah 58.

  2. Brian says:

    I would also suggest sacrificing a chicken or two. Maybe a short rain dance as well.

  3. cbgrace says:

    yep, chicken blood always seems to do the trick. If not, boil the chicken, let the soupy part cool down and gently sip it with a spoon (no straws).

  4. Brian says:

    Cbgrace, you know, after reading my post it could appear that I was being a bit sarcastic in reply to your post. Not all all. I just wanted to give my sainted friend and his teeth (or non-teeth) a hard time.

    Anyway, try the chicken, Luke.

  5. saintluke says:


    Someday soon, you’re going to wake up and find my teeth and a horse’s head in your bed.


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