Waiting for God to Answer [2]

This is the 2nd entry in a Series that Walks through my Sermon preparation for this Sunday (2007/11/25). If you want to read them in another order choose one of the following:

Entry 1

Entry 3

Entry 4

Since this is the first entry on this sermon with the Scriptures listed, I will post the whole lectionary that I have set for Sunday.

[Please note: at Emmaus, we usually don’t follow the BCP lectionary, instead we set up a lectionary to follow the sermon].

Using a lectionary structure at all has been quite helpful to me, because I used to be so focused on “exposition” that I didn’t bust out of a passage much except for proof texting. There are faults, and expository preaching has its merits. But what I find myself doing with a lectionary is having to look in OT, Psalms, NT (non-gospels) and Gospels for continued thought, and where these passages come together, that is where I stay.

You will notice I have a rather extended OT lesson (reading). Here are my passages:

Old Testament: Gen 12.1-3; 15.1-6; 18.10-15; 21.1-7
Psalm: 74
New Testament: 2 Pet 3.1-9
Gospel: Lk 1.8-16

The Old Testament Lesson: Gen 12.1-3; 15.1-6; 18.10-15; 21.1-7


Notice that you can click the passage listing above to see the sections listed out at BibleGateway.

How My Thoughts Formed on This Topic

Well, I was driving to a men’s movie night (connected to my church) and was listening to a Jamie Soles album (one which makes me weep all the way through, even though it is children’s music) and I had gotten to the song

This is the Sign

Ninety and nine seems a long time
But I have been waiting longer than you have
To give you My Word that you’ve become Mine
The father of kings and nations
And I will make you fruitful, faithful
And I will be your God
My covenant is with you and your children
In this land forevermore

This is the sign between you and I
All of your males shall be circumcised
This is the sign you’ve become Mine
Until the day Messiah will shine
This is the sign

Sarah your bride, let Me confide
Will not remain barren forever
To your surprise she’ll have a child
She will become the mother of laughter
And when he is a baby
Before he can even reply
Let him know I choose him to be with Me
You shall give to him My sign

This is the sign between you and I
Although this sign will perish in time
This is the sign that you’ve become Mine
Until the day Messiah will shine
This is the sign

[end song]

I have heard these lines many times in the couple weeks that we have owned the disk, but this time the underlines pieces above stuck out at me in an AHA! moment.

Sarah’s barrenness was analogous to the waiting that Abram and Sarai would have to endure before the first fulfillment of promise. Abraham waited 99 years to have a rightly born child, Sarah till she was 90 for the same thing. But the promise was this: She will not remain barren forever.

God says something very similar to Israel as a whole in Isa 54.1-3. See 54.1:

“Sing, O barren one, who did not bear;
break forth into singing and cry aloud,
you who have not been in labor!
For the children of the desolate one will be more
than the children of her who is married,” says the LORD.

********So Immediately!***********

I thought-This has broader significance than just for Sarah!- it had significance as Israel awaited salvation from conquering foreign despots, and it probably has significance for the modern Chrsitian too. Sarah had to wait to receive the promise, but there was a memory of Angels visiting to look back to. The family had to wait to receive the further promises, but circumsion reminded them of the promise, it was a sign of hope.

I wil continue on the topic on the next Sermon entry.


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