Not Sure What This Implies

I ordered a “double cheese burger of sorts” at a local and yet ever-so international hamburger joint.  Let me show you the part where the…ahem…vegetables were supposed to be:

Lettuce 1

Notice the Lettuce.  Don’t see it?  Let me point it out to you a little better…

Lettuce 2

What bothers me are the two questions which arise simultaneously inside me, and yet they are contradictory:

 1] Does the presence of any lettuce at all imply that there should have been WAY more lettuce?  Like 5-10 times more?

 2] Does the presence of so little lettuce imply that it was a mistake?  Should there be NO lettuce?  If not, then WHY is there any?  Where did it come from, and what were they doing that they could SO CARELESSLY allow lettuce to get onto A HAMBURGER!  They should be reported to the food police for putting something on a hamburger that NEVER should be on one in the first place.

Maybe that is what I should expect from a hamburger whose patties are reportedly made from meat of a thousand cows.  All just slushed and rearranged.

Oh well.

[Sidenote: I am putting a category label of “Technology” on this one, because I think this is the fault of technology.]


2 Responses to Not Sure What This Implies

  1. cbgrace says:

    Well, the double cheeseburger at McDonalds does not come with lettuce…does that help?

  2. Axaday says:

    The meat of 1000 cattle or the cattle on 1000 hills?

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