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My brother, David, wrote this on his facebook:

The Federal ReserveVote for Ron Paul. At least read his views (, and watch his videos on youtube. ( I’ve never been excited and enraged about politics the way I am right now. And, it’s because of Ron Paul’s views on the constitution, getting rid of big government, allowing people to live their lives, and probably most importantly, returning to sound monetary policies that will stop the outrageous inflation and devaluation of the dollar we are seeing in our country. Did you know your salary is worth 25% less now than it was in 2003, and that’s even if you have had average raises? It’s because the FED prints fiat money (money not based on a standard, such as gold) whenever they want. This has to stop, or we will be in economic ruin in just a few short years. The constitution doesn’t allow for fiat money, but that doesn’t matter to our government. Oh, and by the way, oil, and everything else imported to our country costs us much more now than it did just a couple of years ago because our government just keeps printing money to wage war, entangle with other nations’ business, support tyrannical world leaders, and create new departments of bureaucrats to meddle in our lives. The printing of fiat money is in direct relation to the inflation we’re experiencing, and it has to stop. Just some thoughts. Check out Ron Paul:


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  1. David says:

    Early Returns, from Dixville Noth & Hart’s Location, New Hampshire (

    In early returns, Democrat Barack Obama is winning with five times the votes of second place, John Edwards.

    Republican John McCain has a big lead as well. Mike Huckabee is currently in second, with half of McCains votes, but Ron Paul is only a two points behind McCain. Fox News picks, Romney and Guiliani, are currently lagging in positions four and five. You gotta love that.

    1 Obama 35%
    2 Edwards 7%
    2 Clinton 7%
    3 Richardson 2%


    1 McCain 22%
    2 Huckabee 11%
    3 Paul 9%
    4 Romney 7%
    5 Giuliani 2%

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