Ron Paul: Don’t Tax to Subsidize Abortion

Paul Against Subsidizing Abortion

[[From Paul’s Website]]

December 14, 2007

Discover what Ron Paul has done as a congressman. Imagine what he will do as president.

Congressman Ron Paul agrees with Thomas Jefferson that “… it is ‘sinful and tyrannical’ to force the American taxpayers to subsidize programs and practices they find morally abhorrent.” This is why Dr. Paul has led the battle to stop forcing American taxpayers to subsidize abortion and family planning.

Congressman Paul began his fight against federal-funding of abortion soon after returning to Congress in 1997. Early that year, the GOP leadership agreed to a deal with President Clinton whereby Congress would increase funding for international “family planning” organizations if those organizations agreed not to use the money for abortions. However, the groups could still use funds provided from other sources to perform abortions and lobby foreign governments to legalize abortion.

This deal was heralded as a pro-life triumph, but Congressman Paul immediately understood that increasing funding for international family planning groups in exchange for their promise to use other funds to promote their pro-abortion agenda was a defeat for the pro-life cause “…since money is fungible, federal funding of any activities of these organizations forces taxpayers to underwrite the organizations’ abortion activities.”

Congressman Paul was determined to not let the American taxpayers’ hard-earned money be used to subsidize abortions via an arrangement engineered by politicians more concerned with deal-making than with the Constitution. Because he did not learn about the deal until the night before it was scheduled to be voted on, he had to launch a last-hour attempt to expose this betrayal of the pro-life cause. He authorized his staff to hand-deliver a letter to his colleagues explaining how the GOP leadership was misleading pro-lifers and he took to the floor of the House to denounce the deal. Congressman Paul was harshly criticized by the congressional leadership, including some self-styled “pro-life champions,” who made it clear that Congressman Paul’s actions were not winning him any friends among the DC-power brokers who wanted to promote globalism while pretending to protect unborn life.

While Congressman Paul lost that battle, the fight made him more determined to stop taxpayer subsidies of international family planning. Thus, he began offering amendments to the Foreign Operations Appropriations bill prohibiting the use of taxpayer funds for international family planning or abortion. Thanks to Congressman Paul, every member of Congress was forced to go on record in favor of or opposed to international family planning and abortion.

Unfortunately, a majority of Congress chose to force taxpayers to continue to subsidize intentional abortion and family planning, and eventually the congressional leadership figured out a way to use procedural tricks to stop Congressman Paul from seeking a vote on support for international family planning.

Congressman Paul decided to continue his fight for the unborn and the taxpayer by introducing the Taxpayers’ Freedom of Conscience Act (H.R. 1095), which “…prohibits any federal official from expending any federal funds for any population control or population planning program or any family planning activity.”

As a congressman, Ron Paul has fought for the taxpayers’ right to not subsidize a practice they find morally wrong. Imagine what he will do as president.

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