Christian Soldier Speaks out Against War in Iraq

This is a 10 Minute video – so be ready to sit if you watch it. It feels slow at first, but the passion and awareness of the speaker appears over time. One warning to make sure he is not misunderstood – at one point he questions why the military is hiring men of “Islamic background” to work inside our military bases without background check. I am positive that he means that they are indiscriminantly hiring the cheap labor of the first people off the street – and that means we don’t know who we are hiring. PLEASE NOTE – that he is very concerned for the Muslim civilians who are dying, saying that they “are made in the image of God.” His concern with cheap labor is also that we are exploiting the poor.



3 Responses to Christian Soldier Speaks out Against War in Iraq

  1. Hypocrite Christian says:

    Here’s an example of the hypocrisy of Christians, who join the military for the financial and educational benefits, and then when they realize America made a mistake, start pointing fingers at Bush, the Congress, the Army, etc. when they should be pointing a finger at the guy in the mirror. This ‘Christian soldier’ seems to blame everyone except himself. He asks, ‘What would Jesus do?’ Jesus wouldn’t have voluntarily joined the Roman army and taken a paycheck from Uncle Sam, and fight when Uncle Sam says ‘fight.’ Yet this is exactly what this ‘Christian soldier’ did, and he now has the gall to point fingers at others for the mess in Iraq. This is one more reason why Christians for the most part of laughing stocks…they’ve sold their souls to the US of A, and bowed the knee to the stars and stripes, thinking they are doing God service.

  2. saintluke says:

    I think his point is not that he should have gone. Rather, the point is that it was wrong.

    Confession and repentance are worthy tools for anyone. Many people who are not Christians use them as well.

    He isn’t blaming the American people, or himself, rather the people who knew and know better.

  3. Hypocrite Christian says:

    >> I think his point is not that he should have gone.

    Which is exactly my point. If he sees nothing wrong with a follower of Jesus killing on command in exchange for a paycheck, then he (the soldier) is part of the problem.

    >> Rather, the point is that it was wrong.

    Again, exactly my point. If the consequences of war (war profitering, corruption, etc.) are wrong and unacceptable to him, then he should never have enlisted.

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