Voting Fraud in New Hampshire


It’s not a conspiracy theory anymore, folks. Voting fraud is real. It’s been real for some time now. It has been used to provide controversial results to many close elections, especially the main event fights in 2000 and 2004. It’s so real that it has been the subject of an HBO movie. It’s so real, you can find articles about it in the New York Times. The fraud, which comes in the form of electronic voting, is being battled once more because it’s again time to select the next President of the United States. The most recent story comes straight out of New Hampshire, home of the first primary election.

Read the whole article here: Voting Fraud.

This comment was posted after it too, by one of the readers:

by: warispeace

We must thank Dennis Kuchinch and Albert Howard for standing up for all of us and calling for a recount. I also noticed that there were a lot of strange things about the NH primary. First, how could the “news” networks possibly “call it” for John “100 years in Iraq” McCain, only 17 minutes after the polls closed, and with only 12%(?) of the precincts reported? Wouldn’t it be nice if they would actually count the votes before they tell us who won? Why did the percentages of the Republican candidates Huckabee, Guiliani, Ron Paul, and Thompson stay exactly the same all night? This made no sense to me.

Then, the day after the election, a family from Sutton NH, all of whom had voted for Ron Paul, noticed that their town had reported 0 total votes for Dr. Paul. They posted this on a Ron Paul website, and immediately Bev Harris of Black Box Voting ( got involved, called the head clerk in Sutton, and they just happened to magically “discover” that they actually had 31 votes for Dr. Paul, not 0. The Sutton, NH official, Jennifer Call, blamed this on “human error.”

The problem with that excuse is that the election officials have to complete a reconciliation sheet after all the votes are counted, and the total has to add up to the total votes that were cast. So in order to reconcile properly, Dr. Paul’s 31 votes (if that’s really how many he got…coincidentally it is 8% of the total for that town, the same percentage he allegedly got statewide) must have been allocated to another candidate. It was later discovered that the same thing happened, again to Dr. Paul, in a town called Greenville. They reported 0 votes, and after the Sutton discrepancy was publicized, they suddenly revised the 0 to 25. More “human error” I suppose…

Also, the convicted felon who was allegedly in charge of the diebold machines, was apparently running around with extra memory cards for the machines, which could have been swapped out during the election.

Something was definitely rotten in Denmark, there’s no doubt in my mind about that. My only concern is that it will just as rotten the second time around. They may have anticipated a recount, and substituted ballots, which could explain why some of the Diebold counties/towns took many hours to report their results. Basically, this whole mess stinks to high heavens. Now it appears that New Hampshire may try to shut down the recount by making it prohibitively expensive. Could it be because perhaps they have something to hide??? We should all be prepared to chip in to cover the cost of this, because it must be done!

Regardless of the possibility that it may also be rigged, a recount is essential! If nothing else, this should put all the other states on notice, that we are watching, we will in fact be watching much more intently, and that we will not tolerate “human error” or any other shenanigans. If our elections are rigged, then we already live in a fascist country, and all is lost. If the recount does show that fraud was involved, then we will need to demand that all votes be cast on paper ballots, which are hand-counted in public.

This recount is of historic importance for the entire country. This election will determine the future of this country, and of the world, as we are at a critical tipping point. I believe Dr. Paul is the only candidate who can lead us out of the fiasco we are in as a country, and he is being marginalized and ridiculed by the corporate media, and perhaps even having the elections rigged against him, because he is for the American people, ending the wars, restoring the Constitution and civil liberties, and greatly reducing the size and power of the federal government. Hopefully we will have the truth in the very near future.


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  1. Cody says:

    Electronic voting always seemed to me like a bad idea.

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