Attacks becoming a little more blatant against Ron Paul

Ron Paul Debate Ban

Thursday, May 17, 2007 –

Saul Anuzis, chairman of the Michigan Republican Party says he wants to to bar Texas congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) from future GOP presidential debates. Anuzis intends to circulate a petition among Republican National Committee members, debate sponsors and broadcasters to keep Paul out of debates. Anuzis’ email seems to be:

Anuzis’ actions are being contested by Ron Paul supporter, Dena Turner who has launched The Ron Paul RNC Participation Petition to Republican National Committee to ensure that Ron Paul continues to take part in the debates. Her petition, as of the morning of May 17, had already garnered several hundred signatures.

Anuzis was angered by remarks made two days ago, in the second Republican debate, when Paul (R-TX) claimed that U.S. provocations in Iraq contributed to the current “war on terror” The remarks proved controversial, drawing immediate criticism came from former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani who rebutted Paul’s remarks during the debate. Since then, the remarks have drawn both fire and praise from various groups.

The candidacy of Ron Paul, while often characterized as “fringe,” has proven attractive on the Internet, with many mainstream Internet polls showing that Paul is winning the debates by wide margins. Paul is a libertarian conservative who believes in minimal government. He votes according to what he believes are the legislative guidelines provided by the U.S. Constitution. He believes that most modern law-making is unconstitutional and the United States should not participate in foreign wars, except when under direct attack.

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