Orson Scott Card: Bhutto’s Death Shows Who Our Candidates Really Are

Orson Scott Card’s Column:

The death of Benazir Bhutto is a very sad thing for her family, a tragedy for her political party, and a historical complication that might well have far-reaching — and devastating — effects on Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the overall war against Fascist Islam.

But that’s not what I’m going to talk about right now. Because as we enter 2008, we’re going to get into the presidential campaign in a big way. And the responses of the various candidates to Benazir Bhutto’s death tells us an enormous amount of valuable information about how they would do as president of the United States.

After all, the only aspect of the government that the president absolutely controls is our foreign policy, ranging from diplomacy to warfare. Congress can meddle, mostly by giving mixed or negative signals to foreign powers — but governments of other countries are very much aware of the difference between the president and Congress when it comes to international relations. Unfortunately, most of the candidates still on the auction block have no clue.

The day of Bhutto’s murder, here’s how the candidates scored:

Read the whole column.


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