Today is the Day for Donation Support to Ron Paul

Today, the grassroots are making the effort to keeping Ron Paul as a major contender. Martin Luther King day marks a third in a series of Money Bomb days for Congressman Paul.

The days as they stand in order have been and are:

Guy Fawkes Day

Boston Tea Party Anniversary

Martin Luther King Day

All three are days marking revolutions for freedom from the tyranny of Government. Now – I don’t think that Ron Paul wants us to model revolution based on the first two.

1) Guy Fawkes planned to blow up the British parliament. (Violence and the destruction of property do not match Paul’s philosophy).

2) The Boston Tea Party protested taxes by the destruction of private property – a big no-no for libertarians.

But Martin Luther King Day is different!

Martin Luther King was a champion of civil disobedience and non-violent protest/resistance. THIS is part and parcel of Ron Paul’s philosophy – what cannot be worked out on the government level though statesmanship, can be worked out on the grassroots level through demonstration – if necessary, through non-violent protest.

Today, Martin Luther King is celebrated, and he is championed by Paul’s supporters as a lifelong hero of congressman Paul.

If you have ever thought of donating to the revolution, today is the day to do it!



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