Why Ron Paul Will Win Super Tuesday – by JOHN ARMSTRONG (Nolan Chart)

I Have Changed This Article for Several Reasons, including questionable accuracy.


In the article’s stead, let me review one of the most important things about the Ron Paul Revolution. The point is not – to win this race and be done with it – the point is to win the minds of the growing populace of voters, so that the future of America won’t look like its recent past. Many local politicians are cropping up and running even now as “Ron Paul Republicans.” We the People have to start to change everything from the grassroots up. Here is the next item for helping the campaign. Not Campaign ’08 (though we want that too), but the Campaign for the Future of America:

The Revolution - A Manifesto


30 Responses to Why Ron Paul Will Win Super Tuesday – by JOHN ARMSTRONG (Nolan Chart)

  1. montanaflynn says:

    Very well written and nice essay! Vote Ron Paul!

  2. rebecca says:


  3. [BEGIN EDIT— SaintLuke (Luke Welch)’s Edit]- A reader writes this letter – in response to the article – so I am posting it, though I am not the original author. If you are the author and you come back to read this post, I just want to make you aware that I was reposting an article that was fount at Nolan Chart. The source documentation is marked in the above post. —END OF EDIT]

    Dear John,
    Awesome letter. Thanks for the encouragement. It makes sense. We are not maxed out, and do intend to keep giving till we are.
    We are very active on the campaign and have met so many great Americans that care. Thank you for your caring and input. This is going to take all of us to change.
    all the best,
    Tarpon Springs, FL

  4. David says:

    I love it! Lets get out there and fight this revolution against apathy and help others understand what freedom really is! Go Ron Paul!

  5. David Irons says:

    Remember what Ross Perot said. “Can we win? Of course we can win it’s your country!”

  6. tmtoulouse says:

    Any strategy that relies on “young voters” turning out will fail. That has been proven time and time again. The established Republican neo-conservatives that you rail against beating here are going to be the ones at the convention. Ron Paul’s second place in Nevada was a joke…he did not receive a much larger percentage of votes than any other primary but rather Romney took all the votes. You have been completely stomped at every turn. You can not win the nomination, you can not win the presidency. Move on…..

  7. saintluke says:


    I expect that the article is written as encouragement and excitement for all Ron Paul supporters. He doesn’t just have young voters, he has military voters (more than other republicans) and black voters (more than other republicans). Yes, there are challenges, and it does seem likely that the MSM candidates will be pushed through. But proponents of things deamed true don’t stop because they find it hard.


    [[It should also be pointed out that John Armstrong wrote the article, not me. That is credited in the article.]]

  8. Iconoclast21 says:

    Tmtoulouse is right, the little bootlicker. Well guess what Tmtoulouse, you will not be rewarded for shilling for this system. It will roll over you just as it will everyone else.

    So you’re right, congratu-freakin-lations. It’s amazing how much easier it is to be right about something, than it is to know what IS right. Tmtoulouse is basically saying “I’m totally under the thumb of my elite media controllers. I do what I am told, good little serf. Shop shop shop, consume consume consume, eyes straight forward. And when called upon, into the gas chamber I will go!”

    Most americans would think Thomas Jefferson is with al qaeda, if only reading his most famous quotes. Yet we all know who someone like that would be voting for today! And what he’d have to say about the other so called candidates! Face it, the country is gone. It will take a great depression to wake the people up from their scientifically induced television / entertainment comas. So why waste your time trying to fight it? People want to find out what happens when they turn their political system into a joke and a farce? Well they’re going to find out. The markets will decide, as they say!

  9. reflux1 says:

    Thanks for the article and an interesting analysis of the current climate. Ron Paul is the only one who would save the republic. If the populous is too stupid to see that, then they shall enjoy another 4 years of blunder….

    RP 2008

  10. Parmenides says:

    Nicely written!

    Ron Paul can win. But he probably won’t. He definitely would win if everyone in America were to do psychadelic drugs on Feb 3 and watch a debate. But as Paul said himself, “things are going to get worse before they get better.” I think that says it all.

  11. Reeves Mollman says:

    I will fight shoulder to shoulder with Ron Paul and EVERY one of you, his supporters, until the last vote is counted. This is our last chance to save America for our children. RON PAUL !!!

  12. Chris Anderson says:

    The Ron Paul message is getting out, the MSM is running scared and pulling out all the stops in an attempt to keep the message from gaining a wider audience. The system is totally rigged toward the “chosen” candidates who all want more war, more socialism, more destruction of the U.S. economy, and more control.

    Americans have to get the word out themselves, tell everyone you know, help the meetup groups, blog about it, the country is at stake and the Constitution hangs by a thread. Ron Paul is the solution. He can win if we all help.


  13. trademark says:

    If Ron Paul wins Super Tuesday, I will be a very happy man. He’s the only one worth listening to. He’s the one that will bring change.

  14. Roxie says:

    We are the baby boomers who are waiting our turn to be heard. We are the conservatives, the former hippies, the empty nest mothers and fathers, the sandwich generation, the soon to be retired, the disappearing middle class, the idealists that still remember distant dreams residing in our hearts. This is not just about you tube or college kids or what a nut Ron Paul is. This is about all the sappy things that we are in danger of losing and many of us – I repeat – MANY OF US still have just enough fire to make this happen. Go Ron Paul!

  15. davilaluis says:

    I have been very interested in the Ron Paul, and one of my best friends has been campaigining for him. However, I think he needed to galvanize the support among young people, and try to address their needs directly. It would have been great if he had more actively asked young people for their opinion and incorporate that to his message and campaign.

    Luis Davila – davilaluis.wordpress.com

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  18. sauer kraut says:

    Ron Paul’s message is getting out. The problem for Ron Paul is that as more people listen to Ron Paul, the more the other candidates are gathering support.

    The problem here is not the “system.” Oh, sure, the system is a nice straw man but in this case, the straw man is winning instead of Ron Paul.

    It is time for the ronulans to not only realize that their current candidate is not the right person at this time, but for them to also accept that which is inevitable.

    I’ve voted for 3rd party candidates in the past but even I’ve come to realize that Ron Paul is no Jon Anderson. Those of us with a distaste for how the 2 major parties operate look forward to the next Jon Anderson. But at this point in time, Ron Paul is NOT that person.

  19. saintluke says:

    Sauer Kraut,

    I have to say that I think it is clear that the “system” especially the MSM have purposefully shut out Ron Paul – for example, Fox News insisting finding a way to get rid of Paul for the New Hampshire debate, even though he fit the top five in Iowa more than doubling Giuliani’s vote. Or trying to set absolute rules that they didn’t think he could beat from the New Hampshire primary to get into the South Carolina debate (ONLY the top 5 would go in)- and then when he came in 5th, they had to suddenly change the unchangeable rules and let 6 in so Thompson could be in.

    Right now, there is a futures market posted on CNN: http://politicalmarket.cnn.com/

    It lists 5 spots: McCain, Huckabee, Romney, Giuliani, and OTHER.

    There are ONLY FIVE candidates who have scored any delegates. WHO THE HECK IS “OTHER”? RON PAUL! But they don’t want to name him.

    This has been frequent – not showing Paul’s face in a line up of candidates, when he has had higher votes than the ones they are listing.

    Insistence on slowly counting ballots that were intended to be ignored in Louisiana that are certainly Paul ballots. Forcing registered Paul delegates to cast only provisional ballots.

    He is going through the wringer – someone or a bunch of unfavorable someones are turning the crank.


  20. Matt says:

    Thanks for the pep talk. I need it..we all need to keep encouraged. Maybe after today the G-man will drop out and our odds will get better. And yes, the more people google Ron..the more they will realize he is NOT like the corporate carny barkers.

  21. hdustinbing says:

    Also…Ron Paul came in 4th in Iowa by almost FOUR THOUSAND votes. Where on earth do you THINK you are getting 258 from? And that is the funniest part. You see, unlike other candidate’s supports, Ron Paulians feed a desperate need to try to prove a point. So there probably WEREN’T 258 (and certainly not 4000) Ron Paul supporters who didn’t vote. What Ron Paul gets is what Ron Paul has. Whereas the other candidate’s supporters are often indifferent. Typically a primary gets about 75-80% turnout compared to the actual election. At best 80%. So, 200,000 votes for Romney, or McCain generally amounts to 250,000 actual votes. Whereas 50,000 votes for Ron Paul is pretty much 50,000 votes overall.

    [I have excluded a portion of the comment here. I don’t mind fact criticism, but at the level of personal insult I draw a line].

  22. juliofromny says:

    As much as I would like to see Senator Paul win, I don’t see it happening. The “sheeple” will vote for McCain first before they develop minds of their own. It’s upsetting as all hell but just look at the past 8 years for an indicator of how things are and how history will continue to repeat itself.

  23. collin roberts says:

    He will not win super Tuesday, don’t kid yourselves, he doesn’t have the steam or the support other candidates do; he may have money, but thats about it. He will lose this election and will never be president. I just am hoping a republican can win at all this year.

  24. Travis Pugh says:

    first a republican other than Ron Paul will not win, too many people want out of Iraq, WAKE UP GOP RON PAUL IS YOUR ONLY HOPE!


    check out this story, i dont know who suburbia news is but they got it right!

  25. Stephanie says:

    Ron Paul is our salvation, our only hope at a future. Any one who votes McCain will see the continuation of our retarded economics, which WILL turn to recession which WILL turn to depression. The paycheck for my family’s support depends on a strong economy, and that will ONLY come from a humble foreign policy and ridding ourselves of the welfare state. Ron Paul is my family’s ONLY chance for survival. Anyone else is merely sub-par. I can always be proud to say that I did vote for our future!! RP2008!!!

  26. glowalot says:

    go go go ron paul and power to the people.
    I agree with Roxie….I am an empty nester, ex hippie, christian, baby boomer and this man is the best thing that has happened to our country in decades.Regardless of the outcome right now!
    Apathy has been the name of the game for to long.I too believe he is running against the ‘pre picked’ few to make it by the ‘invisible’ powers that be!
    But hopefully enough of us will stop being apathetic that we can change something in our country.
    But than again, probably the secret powers behind it will only “let it happen” if it lines their pockets some how.
    Until than I think we should keep on truckin and not give up!!

  27. dawn marie clark says:

    julio, dr. paul is a representative, not a senator…

  28. dianna says:


  29. glowalot says:

    btw I WILL be hand writing ron paul in on my ballot if he doesn’t make it offically! I hope you do also!

  30. juliofromny says:

    Please forgive my ignorance Dawn. Whenever I hear his name mentioned I keep hearing the term “senator” prior to his name so I automatically assumed that was what he was. But the same for what I said holds true. Super Tuesday has come and gone and McCain is the one with the giant lead. Dr. Paul only has 9 delegates. I’m shocked I haven’t heard anything about a concession speech yet.

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