Sermon (02/03/08): The Glory of God, The Word of God, The Son of God [1]

I have been blogging my sermon preperation process for a bit now.

Here is how I begin my process: a look at the lectionary.

I don’t always preach the pre-chosen lectionary, but in this case I found it to be quite worth a sermon. Something I have to remind myself is that I don’t have to focus on each passage with equal time, or even at all. As long as I am focusing on at least ONE of the passages, I am still “preaching the word.”

Exodus. 24: 12-18
Psalm 2
II Peter 1: 16-21
Matt 17: 1-9

——————[Click any one of the passages to see in ESV at BibleGateway]

or—————[Click here to see all at once]

If you want to read them before we go on, click one of the links above.

Section 2 of the Sermon prep can be found here:

[Next: Section 2]


The church we are part of:


If you are interested in a Bible-believing church that worships in the Anglican way, and you live in the Baltimore / Annapolis area, you might consider Emmaus Anglican Church (Catonsville). Click here for the church website.



Emmaus Anglican Church is a parish of the Anglican Mission in the Americas – a mission of the Episcopal Diocese of Rwanda, a Church in full communion in the Global Anglican Communion.


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