Will Ron Paul Win in Alaska? If Alaskan Paul Supporters Make it to Caucuses – He May Have a Chance

From RonPaul2008.com (Daily Dose):

And originally from the Wall Street Journal:

“Alaska is a very, very limited-government state — they aren’t even embarrassed to use the word ‘libertarian’ up there,” Mr. Paul, 72 years old, said in an interview.

In Alaska, the caucus is in large part a numbers game. Many of the state’s 683,000 residents live in hard-to-reach spots outside of the road system. Randy Ruedrich, head of the Republican Party in Alaska and a former libertarian, expects just 5,000 to 7,000 to turn out at the Republican caucuses.

Mr. Paul’s campaign goal is aggressive: With 40 districts in Alaska, he wants to persuade 200 people in each district — 8,000 people total — to vote for him. Mr. Paul’s staffer Mr. Bergman is pushing a tried-and-true approach: Cold-call registered voters to identify supporters and encourage them to vote.



Don’t forget the most important things about the Ron Paul Revolution. The point is not – to win this race and be done with it – the point is to win the minds of the growing populace of voters, so that the future of America won’t look like its recent past. Many local politicians are cropping up and running even now as “Ron Paul Republicans.” We the People have to start to change everything from the grassroots up. Here is the next item for helping the campaign. Not Campaign ‘08 (though we want that too), but the Campaign for the Future of America:

The Revolution - A Manifesto



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