Derek Webb endorses Ron Paul

Derek Webb

 Derek Webb, Singer /songwriter

“My friends and I have this crazy & idealistic notion that while a vote is always an informed decision, ultimately one should vote their conscience.  This makes a vote for almost anyone feel like a compromise.  Not so with Ron Paul.  Ron Paul adheres so honestly to the U.S. Constitution that I can imagine his first act as president giving himself a smaller office.  A lot of people don’t believe that Mr. Smith makes it to Washington anymore, and maybe they’re right. Maybe his name isn’t Mr. Smith, it’s Dr. Paul.”

— Derek Webb is a singer/songwriter, member of Caedmon’s Call, also writing/perfoming his own independent work.  His wife, Sandra McCracken is an artist in her own right.  Derek and Sandra are extremely concerned for the welfare of the poor and oppressed.


2 Responses to Derek Webb endorses Ron Paul

  1. Mark says:

    This is pretty much a moot point now-a-days, but it still bothers me:

    I read, listen to, and watch what Ron Paul has to say, and I can’t get my head around why someone I look up to so much, in Derek Webb, would endorse this man. I see his anti-war resolutions and applaud him, but his stance on so many other issues seems completely contrary to what Derek sings about.

    No one, including Ron Paul, has ever convinced me that Ron Paul is the person to steer this country in a new, revolutionary direction.

    Whereas Paul does not, Barack Obama seems to incarnate the words of Derek Webb. Obama talks about peace and war in much the same way Paul does, and yet on ever other issue (including immigration reform, economic reform, social issues, and on) Obama seems to hit the political nail on the head according to what Derek sings.

    It baffles me that Derek would endorse Ron Paul. There was a sheep in wolves clothing once, and his name was George Bush. Though, I don’t believe people like Paul to be of his ilk, it makes it much harder for me trust people like him now.

    • anonymous says:

      Obama is a bought-and-paid for empty suit, just like the rest of the politicians on the right and left. Repub or Dem, it doesn’t matter. Ron Paul is really in Independent in terms of politics, but he ran in the Repub primaries because 3rd parties aren’t currently allowed in the debates. (Interesting how that works, eh?) So, we’re stuck with a monopoly by two parties, that really in alot of ways are both just one Big government party with some different leanings here and there. Gotta’ divide the sheep somehow, right? Divide and conquer.

      If this nation had one President that would adhere to the Constitution these days, you’d see alot of this nation’s social, economic and international woes go out the door within a few years.

      Obama is not Bush, but he will do nothing. Obama is to the left what Bush was to the right….and like Bush damaged much of America from without, Obama will further damage this nation, but from within.

      My thoughts. 🙂 Peace

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