Ron Paul Suggested Reading Book List

According to Conservapedia

“Paul seemed to have dropped slightly in the polls that followed the second Republican debate in Columbia, South Carolina, to 25 percent. This was probably as a result of his suggestion that weekly bombing of Iraq following Operation Desert Fox in December 1998 may have contributed sufficiently to Arab anger at the United States as to make the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks inevitable. Paul was excoriated by Rudy Giuliani, who said that this was the most bizarre explanation for the attacks he had ever heard. Other Republican commentators sought to explain Paul’s continued strength in post-debate polls as the result of multiple votes by his supporters or voting by non-Republicans. In response to Rudy Giuliani, the next day at the National Press Club, Ron Paul offered Rudy a book list to read regarding the issue of American foreign policy.”

These books are

Here’s a video about it the book list:

There is also a great video on Wolf Blitzer where Ron Paul explains the problems with the US Policy, and that he doesn’t blame Americans, rather military/foreign policy. He calls our policy “bad foreign policy,” saying “it’s not Conservative, it’s not Republican, and it’s not constitutional.”


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