My Sermon on the Transfiguration: “Jesus is the Pinnacle of the Mountain”

I feel vulnerable putting this out there, but I have friends and family that want to listen. I know that the DIGG is self-promotional, but I want to see if anyone listens and likes/dislikes it. So, that’s that.

I am aware of a small mistake – I referred to the word David in Hebrew as being the word for beloved. A more learned Hebrew scholar than I pointed out to me that the normal word for beloved is a related root, but the word David is not the word for beloved. However – David does imply the meaning “loved one.”

Okay – there is no actual video here – only a pic and audio – and it is divided into three parts (lasting a total of 27 minutes).

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


The church we are part of:


If you are interested in a Bible-believing church that worships in the Anglican way, and you live in the Baltimore / Annapolis area, you might consider Emmaus Anglican Church (Catonsville). Click HERE for the church website. The logo below takes you to the AMiA website.



Emmaus Anglican Church is a parish of the Anglican Mission in the Americas – a mission of the Episcopal Diocese of Rwanda, a Church in full communion in the Global Anglican Communion.


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