Ron Paul – The High Tide Promo

I wish I could just embed this here.  I don’t even know how to discribe this well.  We have political passion combined with CG imagery in a hopeful, post-postapocalyptic vision.  Moving, stirring and fascinating to watch.  Who would do such a thing.  It isn’t made by the RP campaign.  This is the kind of thing that people say, “Somebody’s got too much time on their hands.”  But, honestly, this isn’t the product of idleness; rather it is the product of passion for and personal ownership of a cause.

This is why we say there is a movement.  Movements are passionate, heartfelt, musical, vocal, demonstrative pushes from the grassroots upwards.  The “Hope for America” is a movement.  And it is popular.

View the “Ron Paul – The High Tide” promo.

 But the view is worth travel to another site.


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