My Conversation with Daniel Radosh

Daniel Radosh, freelance writer, and author of Rapture Ready! – Adventures in the Parallel Universe of Pop Culture, wrote me today.

He had linked to Saint Luke (this blog) in a reference in a Huffington Post article. I had written this blog post about it. And he saw what I said, and made an apology and an explanation that corrected my understanding. Let me copy here our coversation – it was quite a pleasant conversation, and is reprinted by permission of Mr Radosh.

1- again, read my original post for context.

2- his comment to the blog post

Ugh. I apologize for pegging you wrong. I had a valid point, but I articulated and sourced it badly. However the lunatic fringe comment was meant to describe the sites linked in the paragraph above the one you quoted, not your own. In any event, HuffPo is just a collection of individuals, and individuals can make sloppy mistakes, even on influential blogs, so blame me, not the site.

3- my email to him

Mr Radosh,

Thank you for your kind apology. I have temporarily removed my post so that I can consider how to revise it to match your intentions and your posted comment. I intend to highlight your comment as opposed to the original article. Personally, I am quite happy that you wrote me, and am thankful for what your said and explained.

While I don’t wish to hold any kind of grudges against politicians as individuals, I did feel that the Huckabee-Hagee liason was awful and telling. My religious views (since they are real and core parts of my worldview) do affect my other views – especially political views, but I do hope that my Christianity and my politics are not confused.

For example – due to my religious convictions, I believe in the rule of Law, protecting the oppressed, and that governments should not lie to abuse their citizens (or others). For those reasons, I cannot support efforts to steal oil from Iraq, fight aggressive unprovoked wars, hold prisoners without charge and torture them, spy on Americans against the 4th ammendment, and let the executive and judicial branches write laws and start wars, when both powers belong only to the legislative.

I personally feel like these things are direct results of my faith, and so I felt conscientiously bound to supporting Ron Paul, whom I did not even really understand until after I was initially interested in Huckabee.

I could no longer support Huckabee as I saw his extreme support for the Iraq war (which escalated to radical as I observed his pandering to Hagee’s crowd who are quite fiercely bent on middle-eastern war proliferation). What makes the Hagee position so bad is taking a bad political stance and bolstering it with bizarre, unsustainable fringe positions about the bible. What made me even more surely against Huckabee was his pandering to the CFR.

I don’t mean to imply that I feel you should agree with or condone any of my own political views; I just hoped to show myself to be a reasoned humanitarian and reasoned political observer while Huckabee, Hagee, McCain, Obama and I all seem to say we are influenced by the same thing – Christianity.

Thank you again, and thanks for your time,

Luke Welch

4- his generous reply

If I’d spent a few minutes actually looking at your site, I would have understood where you were coming from. It was a boneheaded move on my part, especially since I’ve recently written a book that’s very much about not painting all Christians with a broad political or theological brush. I was merely seeking a link to demonstrate what I’d heard elsewhere — which is that some politically and theologically conservative Christians had indeed turned on Huckabee because of their disdain for Hagee — and my Googling landed me on your post in error.

As a blogger, I wouldn’t remove the entire post. I think readers appreciate and can benefit from the transparency of a conversation like this one, in which people actually reconsider their words and change their minds (something too often lacking in public discourse!). But I’m sure your replacement post will handle that in its own way. Feel free to quote from this e-mail too if you like.

Rapture Ready!



Here’s Daniel Radosh’ new book again:

Daniel Radosh’ Book: Rapture Ready!

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