Obama Nation: Unfit For Publication

Click on the Book to Download the 40 page PDF rebuttal of the new New York Times #1 Best Seller – Obama Nation. Source: Fight the Smears dot Com

Don’t confuse me for a Democrat, or for a supporter of all things Obama. I am an Anti-NeoConservative, Pro-Life, Libertarian-Minded, Anti-War Republican. Republican as Republican used to be.

But I don’t like lies either.

And I am less scared of the immediate effects of Obama on the world than I am of McCain on the world.

UPDATE (Nov 4): I am now VERY scared of Obama’s effects on abortion.  I don’t like lies, from either side.  But Obama is more anti-life than any candidate we have had for president before.

Take a peak for free at the book above. Click on the Book.

Watch a Countdown video on it – click Below


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