I’m So Sick of Our Parties

We are basically stuck in a merry-go-round as long as we accept our current system.  The Democratic Political world kills babies.  The Republican political world kills foreigners.  No one cares for the constitution.  Both of our parties (BOTH) are likely to keep our servicemen in interminable, illegitimate warfare in the middle east.

Christians: “our” side may not be for abortion, but we sure permit a lot of lies and powerplays that are full of ungodliness.

We must stem the tide of abortion – but while we must be active politically, we cannot rely on the Republican Party to be a savior.

On the Day of Judgment, no one group will be held more responsible for its systemic action about this issue than the church.  And I don’t mean about how the church voted.  I mean – did we actually do anything to lessen the occurence of abortion?  Did we make women’s lives easier and make them feel taken care of and accepted and loved so that they had the hope and help necessary not to feel pushed into abortions?

Christians ought to be the ultimate “pro-woman” helpers in society.

BTW – I think it is completely irresponsible for this otherwise good video to be from a “nohussein” website.  As if Barack Obama’s middle name has ANYTHING to do with a REAL intellectual argument.  It sinks the level of discussion to ad hominem.  I apologize that the video is flawed in this way.


One Response to I’m So Sick of Our Parties

  1. Paul says:

    heavy stuff, bro. thanks for posting this.

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