Ron Paul: the republic’s financial prophet

I enjoyed the following article at… I don’t have any experience with this forum – but they describe themselves this way:

RenewAmerica is a grassroots organization that supports the self-evident truths found in the Declaration of Independence, and their faithful application through upholding the U.S. Constitution, as written. Its purpose, therefore, is to thoughtfully and courageously advance the cause of our nation’s Founders.

I don’t want to vouch for anything else there – since I don’t really know what to expect.  However, the following is helpful…


Ron Paul: the republic’s financial prophet

By Bonnie Alba

In 2000, Rep. (TX) Ron Paul issued the most comprehensive, undeniably compelling and historical discourse on the state of our nation I have ever read. Entitled “A Republic, If You Can Keep It,” (, he presents an overall picture of the detrimental weaknesses in our government and people. His warning message also considers consequences if we, as a people and government, don’t change.

What we are seeing in the events of our present crisis is a result of a message unheeded for many years. In 2000, a president left office claiming a legacy of bogus surpluses. A new president took office and in eight years spent more than any of his predecessors. During the same era, Rep. Ron Paul continued to preach his message on the House Floor — to deaf ears.

As a Republican presidential primary candidate, Paul was disdained by the media. Fellow republican campaigners ignored him for the most part, though they reportedly respect him. But word got out and Paul attracted a following of citizens who galvanized his campaign in all areas of the country. Paul was amazed at the large crowds of young men and women who took his message seriously, which has spurred a nation-wide grassroots “Revolution for Liberty.”

The present financial debacle and the actions being taken by the U.S. Treasury, the Federal Reserve and the federal government are exactly what would be expected from the distortion of the Constitution’s “general welfare” clause. The “redistribution of the wealth” growth of the socialist Nanny State is reaching new heights in socialist Corporate Welfare.

Not that they haven’t been doing it in the past — but continued public and private bailouts ensure that the National Debt will continue its upward creep. Basically we are bankrupt and diving into a authoritarian, socialist governance.

In small part, what Ron Paul said in 2000: “Even though the Fed did great harm before 1971, after the total elimination of the gold dollar linkage, the problems of deficit spending, welfare expansion, and military industrial complex influence have gotten much worse.


READ THE REST AT Bonnie Alba’s article (click the permalink).


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