My Fellow Christians – Consider These Reasons NOT to vote for Obama

I have been hearing many Christians talk about the state of Christianity in this election.  How could Evangelicals (especially) vote for Obama?  Why do Evangelicals (traditionalists) think we all have to be Republicans?

I am the first to say that we shouldn’t judge each other as unfaithful based on these things – we all have complicated reasons for our voting philosophies.

But I do believe it is worth exploring a bit of why I think young Evangelicals are drawn to Obama and the left.

I say this as a former “leftist.”

I think it is a drastic mistake to vote for Obama.

DON’T HEAR WHAT I’M NOT SAYING:  McCain is not the Mascot of Christian conscience – but Obama is a terror to life and liberty!  I have concrete and not merely subjective reasons for saying these things.

Reasons Christians are drawn to the left:

1) Disillusionment with false conservatism.

As we young evangelicals (I’m about 30 years old) grew up in very conservative houses, we put out trust in George Bush.  We reached the age of public/societal disillusionment right as the Bush regime began to reveal its true colors.  We felt (accurately) lied to.  We started watching liberal talk shows just because they would help us see the lies of the Bush administration.  But we left the liberal talk unchecked.

Neo-Conservatism is not conservative, it is not constitutional, it is not good.  It allows for tyranny, fear mongering, and a slow march toward socialism (while pretending to hate the left).

2) Belief that abortion is not actually affected by the Presidential contest.

30 Years of electing Republicans has brought us no relief from Roe.  If nothing ever changes, maybe we should focus on other things, right?  But is this actually true?

3) Belief that social programs reduce the need for abortions.

This is an oft republished lie.  I am sure I almost republished it myself back as a liberal-christian.

4) Belief that social programs are generous.

Poor people need help.  Access to universal health would be kind, right?

5) Desire to escape war in Iraq.

It was an illegal war that we were lied to to get into.  People are dying in Iraq.

6) Fear of our world standing based on Foreign policy.

The world hates the Lying America it has come to know.

Reasons Not to Vote for Obama:
1) He expects to replace several Supreme Court Judges with pro-choice judges.

He is adamant about promoting abortions UP TO BIRTH!!!  You know the kind where they suck a full term baby’s brain out with a vacuum and then crush the skull!

2) He is the most rabidly anti-life candidate we have had.

[Please Click to Read What a Princeton Law Professor said about Obama’s abortion record, and stance.]

3]  His foreign policy is just as bad as McCain’s

Shifting troops around in the Middle East just exacerbates things, and it still is invasive political militarism.

4]  Taxing and giving to Government okayed social programs is NOT generous.

It is false generosity to redistribute wealth – you cannot help your neighbor by stealing from your other neighbor.

The government doesn’t have the moral or constitutional right to come up programs that it can’t already pay for, and decide to tax one citizen to give a program to another.  Citizens should be generous, but this is not charity, it is theft.

I mean this sincerely.  The Government does not have constitutional rights to levy the taxes it takes.  I pay mine, because I don’t want to go to jail.  Look up “America: Freedom to Fascism.”  Regardless of whether it seems like a silly video to you, it has good information about the historical problem of the law and taxes.  I don’t advocate avoiding tax payment.  But I do think the government is stealing when they take taxes.  The Supreme Court ruled that income tax was only a tax of investment gains, NOT OF WAGES AND NORMAL INCOME.


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