A Black President and the Policy that Kills Blacks

In light of tonight’s victory – it is sad to see how a Black victory will continue to rob us of our Black citizenry.

The Following is from:


from the Article entitled: “Three Well Kept Secrets About Abortion”

by Sarah E. Hinlicky


And that’s the third secret. Abortion is racist. It has been ever since Margaret Sanger [Google search on “Margaret Sanger Racism”this link added by Luke] plotted to shrink the black population in this country by convincing blacks to limit their families through any means necessary, including contraception and abortion. Her Negro Project never reached any official status, but it may as well have. Since 1973, 10 million black babies have been aborted. (Don’t forget that a black baby is black from the moment of conception — there’s something the abortion activists don’t want you to think about.) The whole U.S. black population is around 31 million. So what could have been 25 percent of black America is wiped out without a trace. Even though blacks make up only 12 percent of the nation’s population [see statthis link added by Luke], they account for 30 percent of its abortions. Wonder why? Maybe it’s because 78 percent of all abortion clinics — usually staffed by white health care professionals — are located in or near minority neighborhoods. And you thought lynchings were as bad as it got in this country. They pale in comparison to abortions. (If you don’t believe me, click over to http://www.ohiolife.org/stats/lynch.htm and see for yourself.)

Equally stunning are the legal parallels between abortion in the 20th century and slavery in the 19th. The Supreme Court decided in the Dred Scott case of 1857 that black slaves are not people, but property, because they are not protected by the Constitution. Consider these statements from the Scott case: “The word ‘citizen’ in the Constitution does not embrace one of the Negro race.” “The Declaration of Independence does not include slaves as part of the people.” “Such provisions of the Constitution do not put it in the power of a single state to make out one of the Negro African race a citizen of the United States, and to endue him with the full rights of citizenship in every other state without their consent.” “The enslaved African race was not intended to be included in, and formed no part of, the people who formed and adopted the Declaration of Independence.” It doesn’t take much imagination to see the same sick logic at work in Roe v. Wade. The fetus is not a person; it is not named in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution as part of the American community; the states are not allowed to decide for themselves how they’re going to handle the issue. The slave was the owner’s property, and at his disposal to keep or kill; the fetus is the mother’s property, at her disposal to keep or kill. Abolitionists were criticized for imposing their morality on slave owners; pro-lifers are criticized for imposing their morality on abortion activists and doctors. Slavery was protected by law then; abortion is protected by law now.


Princeton Law Professor Against Obama's Extremism

Princeton Law Professor Against Obama

Sandwiched between these two articles, I have placed this link (above) to the brilliant article by Princeton Law Professor Robert George showing just how far Obama goes to support abortions.


MLK’s niece: ‘Abortion a racist, genocidal act’


The niece of Martin Luther King, Jr., has used an appearance at a Black History Month event in Washington, DC, to reject the claim that her famous uncle supported abortion rights for women.

Dr. Alveda King says although her uncle — the late civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. — accepted an award from Planned Parenthood in 1966, the abortion group had a “hidden agenda” at the time. “I don’t want anybody to be confused by thinking that Dr. King could condone the violent death of the little babies, and the violent consequences that women suffer,” King clarifies. “I’m post-abortive myself. I’ve suffered … and it was a secret in my family for too long. And so now we’re here today to speak out on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves. Abortion is a racist, genocidal act.”

King was one of several black pro-life leaders who met in Washington yesterday to celebrate their ethnicity and decry abortion and its disproportionate effect on blacks. And during a news conference at the Family Research Council, Dr. Johnny Hunter, president of the Life Education and Resource Network, predicted that at some point in America abortion would be abolished, just like slavery and Jim Crow laws.

“The way of the wicked does not last forever, and that’s why we get to celebrate Black History Month,” says Hunter. “Because all throughout black history [there have] been blacks who have taken a stand no matter where the people were when they got here. By the time they left this earth, we were a little bit better off.”

Hunter declared that in merely three days time in America, the abortion industry “kills more blacks than the KKK ever lynched.”


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