Dr. Ron Paul Cured MY Apathy (See an Inspirational Video)

Campaign for Liberty

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The following video was posted recently on the Campaign for Liberty website.

Watching this helped me relive that amazing feeling of finding out about Ron Paul for the first time.  I was used to caring about what politicians did that made me angry.  I wasn’t used to hearing a candidate talk and make me swell up with passion for the truth and for liberty in America.

Granted, there are emotional experiences far more important than those we feel from Presidential Candidates… emotions brought on by God or by our families, but the emotions I have felt in being changed in mind and action by Ron Paul remind me of this:

When I was in high school, my family visited the Grand Canyon.  On the roads toward the Grand Canyon, there are other much smaller gorges.  We stopped and looked at some of them, thinking they were fantastic.  But when we finally arrived at the real thing, well… I mean… you could just cry in silence, because… there it was.  And it was so astounding you couldn’t believe what you had called awe inspiring before.

Have you watched a politician and had the pleasure of saying, “I know he’s not lying to me.  He actually believes and acts on all the things he is saying!”?  Listening to Ron Paul and reading Ron Paul brought me to feel like I had been asleep for years and didn’t know it.  Ron Paul woke me up.

To be sure, Ron Paul is not a savior.  He’s a sinner like me.  But he’s a good and honest politician.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t expect a single video to flip your mind on to Ron Paul – but please don’t ignore him either.  Look him up – find out what you can about him.  Maybe Dr. Paul can help cure your apathy too, if that’s the shot you need today.

DIGG the Video



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